6 Ways to Move Oversized Items with Ease

by | Oct 12, 2020 | Freight Brokerage Solution

Moving oversized items, such as large appliances and pieces of furniture, require extra care and attention during a household move. If they are valuable and fragile items, it is probably best to hire professional movers.

It is possible to move some oversized items on your own but this can cause injuries, and damage to the items themselves or to walls and floors in their path. Here are some tips to help make moving large items safer and easier.

1. Think about the process in advance

Take time to think about the process before you start trying to move large items. For example, measure a refrigerator to find out whether it fits through a door as is. If not, it may be necessary to study the owner’s manual and find it whether you can remove the door.

If you have any doubt about your ability to lift and move an item like this on your own, do not do it. It is not worth the risk of putting out your back or doing serious damage to the item.

2. Remove components where you can

Removing components, such as cupboard drawers, will prevent them from sliding out while carrying them to the moving truck. It is also a good idea to remove protruding handles, knobs and furniture legs. Label them so you can put them back in the right place. Doing this not only makes items lighter and easier to move but it can also reduce damage to floors and walls.

3. Protect possessions during the move

Creating a barrier between the object you’re moving and other surrounding objects can help prevent damage. Pads, bubble wrap and furniture blankets are protective coverings you can secure to the furniture with tape so they do not slip off in the carrying process.

4. Use moving tools

There are some very effective tools that help with moving heavy objects. For example, trying to push furniture without glides underneath or at least an old rug will not only damage the floor but make moving it much harder.

Lifting straps: These put less strain on the body by lowering the center of gravity of the item being moved. They work like a pulley system and can make lifting heavy objects much easier.

A dolly: A utility dolly has two wheels and is usually used to stack heavy boxes. A furniture dolly is flat, has four wheels and is used to move awkwardly sized, large items.

Stair rollers: These attach to heavy objects to slide them downstairs. A tool like this is best used by more than one person.

Glides: They are usually plastic disks that fit under heavy furniture to help it move easily across the floor when pushed.

5. Hire professional movers

When having to move certain valuable oversized items, such as pianos, it is best to hire professional movers who have the necessary experience, manpower and equipment. They will wrap and secure the item, pad the area through which they need to move it and have enough people or equipment to lift and move it safely.Luckily, here at AZN Freight we are an industry leader in interstate and local freight transportation!
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6. Plan a convenient moving route

Try to establish a safe moving route, free of obstacles. You do not want to navigate steps if you don’t have to or deal with uneven floors. Keep pets and children out of the way on moving day as their excitement can cause unnecessary chaos and add to risks.

Original Article: Southeast Missourian / Margaret Francis / 2020

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